The Environment

We’re Friends of the Earth, and we hope you are too!

Think that not using paper saves trees? Think again!

If you’ve been told that paper making destroys forests, you’ve been seriously mis-led. 94% of the paper used in the UK comes from Europe, and the collective European paper making forest is increasing by an area equivalent in size to four times the size of London every year because more trees are planted than are felled to keep up with demand. Stop using paper and the paper making forests would go into decline.

Paper is a natural material and is both renewable and recyclable. Paper is also a powerful way to communicate, with more than 50% of media buyers (in recent surveys) preferring paper based communications for greater impact.

And it doesn’t rely on batteries or wi-fi!

Our Promise To You

There are three things our customers take for granted:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Value for money

We call these things ‘the basics’ and concentrate on getting them right.

We’ve been accused of being nerdy about print.  That’s okay with us! If you’ve got any questions about your project, please ask us and we’ll be delighted to share our nerdy knowledge with you, and get you the best result without unnecessary expense.

We will endeavour to give you a one hour delivery slot so that there is always someone there to receive your order.

Our aim is to make the job of purchasing print or signage as pain free as possible. There are many projects that are complex and consist of a number of processes, HEAD Media will ensure that your project runs smoothly, and that you have peace of mind that it is in safe hands. So behind the scenes we continue to manage your job and ensure everything goes to plan.